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4E Conversion Wiki is a repository of information about converting old, prior edition D&D adventures, monsters, and other rules elements to the new 4th edition format. What the wiki is: a site dedicated to providing information on how to run old adventures or use old material in 4e. What it is not: a clearing house of pirated material to download and use. You will have to have the original material to utilize the information on this wiki.

A Note on Conversion[]

No conversion is ever perfect. If a conversion doesn't suit what you think it should be, feel free to make your own conversion based off the original conversion material. Please refrain from overwriting the original conversion data with your own, rather present it as an alternative to the original.

Please follow these guidelines when adding to the wiki:

  1. One adventure per page.
  2. Variations on the same monster should be added into the monster's existing page. For example, the Vargouille page has a basic level 2 Vargouille monster. If you made an alternative Vargouille, perhaps a Brute role Vargouille, you would add it to the Vargouille page using Heading 2 for the name of the the creature.
  3. Feats should be grouped on the same page by sourcebook. So feats from the 3e book Complete Arcane would be on a page titled Complete Arcane Feats.
  4. This Wiki is for converting old material to 4e. Please refrain from adding home made material. The only time home made material is acceptable is in providing role variants for Monsters.


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